Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Interesting Facts About Kenya (According to Me)

1. There is ALWAYS traffic, no matter what time of day you drive, but especially during rush hours.
2. Driving here is like the ultimate game of chicken. If you're not brave/aggressive, you'll never get anywhere.
3. Matatus literally try to drive you off the road sometimes. They also stop in the middle of the road to let people on or off. Very annoying when you're trying to go somewhere. The other day one stopped, blocking two lanes that were merging. Clarice yelled at the driver and he said, "The road is mine!" Also, yesterday one was driving down the wrong side of the road. It was basically on the curb of the wrong side so that our lane and the opposite lane just barely fit. It almost collided head-on with several cars and nearly killed several pedestrians. Clarice doesn't let me ride in them, so don't worry, mom.
4. TV here is too funny. In the morning they have music videos. Lots of times the videos have the words displayed, like karaoke. At night, there are usually really bad movies or shows in English. Last night I watched some show about detectives and the case they were investigating was a priest who was having visions. It turned out that they were being caused by these crystals that were growing in his garden that were contaminated with something that made people kind of crazy. I can't even really explain it, but it was awesome.
5. It is winter here. That means about 55 degrees at night and 70-72 degrees during the day. However, it is COLD according to the Kenyans. They are all wearing sweaters and jackets. I'm wearing sandals and t-shirts.
6. Every time the president goes anywhere, the police just shut down the roads for him. Because there is already traffic, this creates a back-up that can last for hours.
7. Sometimes when you try to drive home, there are people doing guard training in the street. Sometimes monkeys cross the road. And sometimes a herd of cattle passes right by your car.

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