Saturday, July 18, 2009

Visit with Laban

High-efficiency stoves that Laban is working with a women's group to make and sell

Demo stove and raw materials - sawdust and anthill dirt. Anthills are huge in Kenya, meaning several feet tall, no joke.

Laban holding a mango tree from his nursery
His farm, a typical rural homestead

The family's water source. Luckily, they purify it with moringa powder before drinking it. Moringa powder is a natural coagulant and causes the bacteria to float to the bottom. Many families drink similar water without purification.

Part of Laban's family - too cute

Moringa tree on a neighboring homestead. The leaves are very nutritious, as are the pods. The seeds, which are inside the pods, can be dried and ground into powder, which can be added to food, used to make tea, or used to purify water. The tree also has antibiotic properties and makes a great animal feed. Not surprisingly, the tree is nicknamed the miracle tree.

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