Monday, July 13, 2009

Maseno - Home of the Equator

On Saturday, Steve and I arrived at Maseno University, located in Maseno, Kenya. We are staying at the guest house on the campus. The accomodations are nice, other than the lack of a shower curtain and the hard pillows. Clarice loaded us up with soda, mangoes, pizza, and lemon cake before we came, so in addition to the food we are provided with, we have plenty of snacks. I have been so well-fed on this trip. Don't be fooled - not everyone in Africa is starving.

Yesterday we spent the whole day inside, working on some of the tasks we have to do for Clarice. It seems like there is still so much to be done before the rest of the team arrives on July 23rd, but hopefully we'll get it done. I think these few days will help us get a good jump start. Steve has been working on a new website for ACESS, which looks beautiful. I've been helping a little bit, but just with minor tweaks on the design. I think it came out great and hopefully, it will help Clarice with fundraising. After the summer, we'll be able to post pictures and videos as well, which will be great.

Today we went to the equator site and took a few pictures. Here's the difference between the U.S. and Kenya: the equator monument is small and by the side of the road here, whereas in the U.S. it would be huge and have a little park area next to it and probably a gift shop. We met a nice couple from the Netherlands who were on vacation in Kenya with their two kids. It was funny that the only white people we've seen in days are at the tourist attraction, of course. We have also been trying to track down Professor Agong, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (like a Provost), but have been unsuccessful thus far as he's been in meetings all day.

Right now we are sitting in the Cyber Cafe, where you can get internet for 1 Ksh per minute, or about 75 cents per hour. Pretty amazing, right? The guy who owns the place is nice, and we took some pictures of his shop so that he can put them up on facebook. That's all for now. Once we get back to Nairobi, we'll have better internet access. Anyone I haven't emailed back - I'm sorry! I'm working on it. I set up Microsoft Outlook so I have downloaded all of my mail and can write responses when I'm offline and send them later.

Also, sorry for the lack of pictures.

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