Monday, July 13, 2009

Kisumu Countdown: 1 Day!

Friday we ran errands all afternoon – literally, for 5 hours. It was really tiring, but also frustrating because if we were doing those errands in the States, it probably would have taken only 2 hours. Anyway, we got everything that we needed to bring to Kisumu, including two doses of Tamiflu. The whole country is on high alert because the first case of Swine Flu was announced last week and the person was in Kisumu. So we have the medicine just in case, but there is no way we will get it and it is supposed to be so mild anyway. I’m really not worried.

Friday night Clarice was nice enough to let me stay over at her house because we had to leave at 5:30 am on Saturday morning to go to the airport. We got to Kisumu by 8 (the flight is only 30 mins). At the airport we ran into a bunch of Members of Parliament that Clarice knows, which was cool. She seriously knows everyone. Everywhere we go, she knows the people who work there and they greet her very warmly. Even though this slows us down, I really appreciate that she is so courteous to other people. She really goes out of her way to be friendly. Her good deeds are rewarded with favors sometimes, but I think she honestly does that because it makes other people feel good. In the same vein, she has been unbelievably hospitable the entire time that I’ve been here. We have had a lot of fun! Driving around and seeing the country is interesting with her commentary, though some days I feel like my brain will burst from all of the information. I’ve learned so much since I got here about the culture, customs, and habits of people in Kenya. Whenever we are at her house, she tells Steve and I that we don’t need to act like guests. We can do whatever she allows her daughter to do. I just feel really at home here in a way, like I could get used to this. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this week!

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